New SUV Dealership in Killeen, TX

Are you looking for a new SUV for sale? Elder Mitsubishi Killeen, located in Killeen, TX, is the answer to your prayers. We offer a wide selection of new SUVs for sale that are sure to meet all your needs. Whether you are looking for an off-road adventure or just a reliable daily driver, our dealership has something that will fit the bill.

At our Elder Mitsubishi Killeen we offer several Financing options so that you can easily purchase your vehicle whether that be through traditional financing or leasing options - it’s up to you! For traditional financing options we provide competitive rates depending on individual credit score and financial situation. And when it comes to leasing options we’ve got plenty of great lease deals making it even more affordable for those who don't wish to own their vehicle outright yet still want access to world class automobiles.

We understand how important regular maintenance is for your vehicles performance which is why we strive towards excellence when it comes to our Service Department - no matter if it simply involves an oil change or more extensive repairs such as battery replacement services. We employ expert technicians that not only have years of experience but also possess vast knowledge about each make & model. Rest assured that when you bring your vehicle into our service center your dealing with people who dedicate themselves towards excellence each day. We offer super easy onlilne Scheduling to make keeping your vehicle running like new simple!

The bottom line is at our Killeen SUV dealership we aim towards servicing all our customers with respect and standing by them until their purchase has been successfully completed (and beyond!). Unlike some other dealerships where customers become nothing but 'statistics' - here at our store, every customer is special regardless if they purchased an economic car or indulged in one of our top end luxury models! Our sales staff will do everything possible so that everyone feels right at home here therefore making us the go-to car dealer when considering purchasing any type automobile in Central Texas region! Feel free to Contact our dealership if you have any questions regarding our cars or services we offer!